Welcome home to Women’s Space.

For thousands of years, women have been co-creating Women’s Space ~ in groves and in healing huts, on rooftops and mountaintops, in living rooms and in basements. During times of contraction, when we’re in need of healing ~ Women’s Space provides us with safety, support, and practices that fortify us us for the mysterious journey of transforming ourselves from the inside out. During times of expansion, when we’re opening in creative bloom ~ Women’s Space blesses us with renewal, illumination, and encouragement to live the passion & beauty in our hearts…no matter what.

Join us in the Women’s Space soon, and experience the magic that we co-create… 


EMBODIED MENTORING for WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT. Join me in my little woman-only Temple at my homestead, Eagle Prairie Land Sanctuary. These one-on-one personalized sessions, via phone OR in-person, support you to SLOW DOWN, GET REAL, and RISE UP to take leadership of who you are and what you LOVE.  


Join us for Eagle Prairie Women’s Temple ~ our monthly OASIS of Nourishment and Connection. Together, we dive in to the Women’s Temple Practices, to give space to all of the flavors of WOMANHOOD as we are moved and changed by the journey. Here, we drop our masks and to-do lists, to attune ourselves to the deeper currents that shape our lives.