One-on One Sessions via Phone OR In-Person at Eagle Prairie 


Millions of women all over the world, right now, are hearing it too…AN INVITATION TO GO DEEPER. The Feminine has been asleep for thousands of years and we are the ones to WAKE HER.

We’re done with silencing the ferocity our love. We’re finished with depriving ourselves of that sweet honey ~ the longing in our hearts for something better for us all. We’ve had it with overriding our grief, joy, pleasure, or true PURPOSE ~ in exchange for the pervasive patriarchal B.S.

We’re ready for a better way. 

Together we stand at the CROSSROADS, an unpaved road ahead, the Magnificence of Womanhood sprawled out before us. And none of us can walk into this exquisite wilderness alone. We are being counted, Sisters. It’s roll call!

Thank you for showing up. YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

The deep sea changes you’re experiencing are unique to you, yet connected to a larger movement. You’ve been preparing for these changes for months, years, maybe lifetimes. Sometimes all you need is the time and sacred space to really honor all that’s shifting, reorient yourself, and allow WHO YOU ARE to re-emerge. 


The MOONHUT is my woman-only Temple, here at my homestead ~ Eagle Prairie.

Here, THE ELEMENTAL FORCE THAT IS WOMAN is brought back to herself, whole and complete, the wild river of creativity begins to FLOW, our thousand-year-old-grief wakes from the dead and dances, our deeply buried longing ignites with the fury of a bonfire.

Our disowned, repressed, and forgotten parts of Self all come to feast in the MOONHUT. And we are fortified, beautified, and sanctified by them all. 


What if you are? And what if it’s the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened?!

This exquisite reckoning might be just be the thing that we all really need.

But it doesn’t have to be grueling. 

Being in the MOONHUT together is a calling, a shared purpose, an absolute delight, and a sacred celebration.

IN THE MOONHUT our healing, personal growth work, and awakening occur through connection and nurturing. By accepting and embracing all that we are, without conditions, we make way for soul integration, the ripening of our gifts, and a compassionate composting of all that holds us back.

IN THE MOONHUT we enter a refreshing spiritual lineage where there is no guru, priest, or patriarch leading the way. Instead, in the ways of the Wise Women who’ve gone before us ~ we embark on the journey of finding our own inner compass, learn how to listen to our own innate body-wisdom, and revel in the magnificence of our own felt experience, along the way. 

IN THE MOONHUT we anchor again and again into the mystery of the Feminine, as she moves through us. Her Beauty is the food of our practice.

IN THE MOONHUT, we devote our good work to the empowerment of all women backward and forward through the generations. Because we know that when women thrive humanity will thrive.


For thousands of years, women have been co-creating Women’s Space ~ in groves and in healing huts, on rooftops and mountaintops, in living rooms and in basements.

It is your birthright to return here to Drink from the Well of the Feminine…

During times of contraction, when we’re in need of healing and letting go ~ Women’s Space provides us with the safety, support, and practices we need to compassionately explore what we fear, curiously walk beyond the boundaries of the known, and courageously take the risk to transform ourselves from the inside out.

During times of expansion, when we’re opening in creative bloom ~ Women’s Space blesses us with the renewal of our deepest inspiration, the illumination of our self-awareness, and the multi-dimensional encouragement we need to continue to express our gifts, manifest our visions, and live the passion & beauty in our hearts…no matter what.




…so that you can reconnect with your most powerful and readily available resources: your innate female body-wisdom, your relationship with the natural world, and your direct experience of the treasures of within you



…about who you are, what your gifts and challenges are, what you really care about, what holds you back, and what you deeply desire for yourself, your children, and our world.


…to courageously take leadership of what really matters to you ~ your deeper inspiration, your full expression, the manifestation of your visions, and living a life in alignment with the passion & beauty in your heart…no matter what.  


COURAGE ~ Women bring forth life on the planet. We can move mountains. Together we’ll tap into this inherently female power, for facing the challenges of your life. 

CLARITY ~ Knowing is a skill that can be developed. Here you’ll be guided inward, to where truth resides. As you become more familiar with this place within yourself, it becomes easier to return to when an important question or decision-making process arises in life. 

CONFIDENCE ~ We’ll explore what some of your greatest {and most likely, overlooked} gifts are. You’ll come to know these more intimately, empowering you with the confidence that only a woman who knows herself can have. 

CONNECTION ~ Our time together will remind you that you are not alone. And you will be fortified by experiencing your place in the Web that holds us all.   

PHYSICAL HEALING ~ Through herbal support, the miracle work of the plants and Helping Spirits, and rediscovering the Matriarchal view of the female body as a vessel of glory ~ the cells of our bodies are re-wired for health and wellness. 

FEMININE PRESENCE ~ Under the busyness and over-stimulation of modern life, there is a quieter current. We’ll restore your connection with the soft pulse of your own unique rhythm, pace, and being.   

A PURPOSEFUL LIFE ~ Each of us has an important thread to weave into the tapestry of the wholeness of our world. Together, we will illuminate a wider perspective of your life’s challenges and gifts, and how these are connected to your Life’s Purpose.

SELF-LOVE ~ The Women’s Space is a field of unconditional love. When women truly see each other, our perception of ourselves changes from one of lack, to one of glory.  

REJUVENATED BEAUTY ~ If you’ve been in the Women’s Space before, you know about that glow. When women are given the space to flow with the Feminine freely, they become unencumbered, and the look and feel of it is OH SO GOOD



Melissa Geiger
Wellness Coach, Founder ~ Nourishing Our Radiance

“I honestly felt so deeply moved by my session with India, that I don’t quite know how to put it into words. She brought me right up to my soul’s growing edge in a way that only traditional indigenous ceremonies have done for me in the past. Her very presence is like medicine and it is an absolute honor to work with India. I had forgotten how deeply transformational a single hour can be. India is a truly wise and skillful guide. She creates such a beautiful, sacred space. I felt deeply supported and honored as I faced a major life transition. India illuminated some of my blind spots, which helped me to navigate this transition with more clarity, ease, and strength. She also offered suggestions of feminine embodiment practices that have brought so much beauty and poignancy to this time in my life. I can’t recommend her work highly enough. Right after our session, I opened to and experienced a potent synchronicity and twist of fate that lead me to manifest my new dream home! I’m feeling blessed and grateful and I am really looking forward to more sessions in the future!” ~ Melissa nourishingourradiance.com

Martha Hartney
Attorney and Counselor at Law ~ Hartney Family and Estate Law

“…I found a woman whispering our secrets back to me, reminding me of what we know. Gently, sensually, sacredly inviting me into my body, into my femininity, my creative center. I found a guide, India, who has devoted herself to understanding the subtle rhythms of the feminine that float under everything that is, often without our notice. She helped me see that in those subtle waves exist a vast, thronging passion of love and devotion and acceptance. Patiently, oh so delicately, she reintroduced me to my magical core, calling out my true nature and showing me places where I can tap into my subtle powers, my cycles, and the wisdom of our foremothers. My wish would be for all the women I love to experience this Tribe of womanly power and love that India nurtures. Here we find a home for the weirdness of our womanhood, and give time and space for our powers to heal, process, transform, express, create, and develop ~ so that we all experience the divine feminine within us and allow it to change the world.”  ~ Martha hartneylaw.com

Lesley Glenner 
Owner, Founder ~ HoloBeing Holistic Wellness Institute 

“India, creates a living, breathing priestess-like experience every step of the way. She offered me a reflection of myself that was beautiful, whole, and goddess-like. India, assumes the best and honors those in her presence in ways subtle and grandiose ~ creating a container of sacred intimacy, feminine attunement, skillful transformation, and fun. As a bride to-be, I can think of no better way to step into an embodied feminine experience of myself. The practices India offered have continued to serve me in my life and relationships. I have been more aware of my power as a woman, I have been more available to my partner when I honor my needs for feminine practice, and I have helped other women in transition to remember their feminine obligations to their truth. I would not hesitate to recommend this to ANY woman who wants to feel good in her world.” – Lesley holobeingllc.com


MOONHUT Sessions are personalized to meet your needs, and will include some {or all} of the following ~ 

Intuitive Counseling ~ Insightful questions, new perspectives, and illumination of what’s beneath the surface.

Instinctual Movement ~ A deep sea dive into the ocean of your body-wisdom, discovering the pearl of your in-the-moment Presence.

Herbal & Earth-Based Healing ~ Receiving the generosity of the elements, spirits of the land, plants, and flowers. {Hands-on for in-person sessions.}

Mayan Womb-Centered Healing ~ Re-centering your Womb, inviting the Helping Spirits to do their miracle work. {Hands-on for in-person sessions.} 

Women’s Ritual ~ Celebrating & synchronizing with the cycles of ~ the Moon, your Menses, the Wheel of the Year, and the Female Rites of your life.

Women’s Temple Practices ~ Respectful touch, inquiry, movement, and creative exploration, supporting you to drop in beneath, behind, and below the mind.



3 In-Person Sessions in India’s own MOONHUT + Unlimited Email Support Between Sessions + Your Own Personal Empowerment Audio, Made Just for YOU!  

$899 OR 2 Payments of $495

Sessions are up to 2 hours in length. Your Follow-up Empowerment Audio is recorded just for you and includes insights from our work together, practices & rituals you can do in your daily life to integrate your Initiation, and/or suggestions for next steps on the journey. 


3 Virtual MOONHUT Sessions via Phone + Unlimited Email Support Between Sessions + Your Own Personal Empowerment Audio, Made Just for YOU!  

$599 OR 2 Payments of $329

Sessions are up to 1.5 hours in length. Your Follow-up Empowerment Audio is recorded just for you and includes insights from our work together, practices & rituals you can do in your daily life to integrate your Initiation, and/or suggestions for next steps on the journey. 

OR JOIN India for a Single SESSION ~

Single In-Person Session at Eagle Prairie: $299

Single Session via Phone: $199 


What to wear: Wear clothing that is loose, comfortable, soft on your skin, and easy to move in. Pajama-like attire is best. For in-person sessions, it is helpful to wear clothing that can interact with the elements ~ think: earth, water, interaction with plants, sitting by the fire., etc. 

For in-person Sessions, bring clothing layers for time both indoors and outdoors. {It may be a bit chilly if we end up in the Tipi and/or sitting by the fire or Creek.}

Occasionally you will need to bring or wear something special to your session. If so, it would be included in your reminder + details email, sent 12-24 hours before your Session. 


Eagle Prairie is located in the Niwot, Colorado area, just a scenic 10 minute drive from North Boulder. On 4 acres, with sweeping views of the majestic mountains, Eagle Prairie is surrounded by hundreds of acres of open space, and is being cultivated as a Land Sanctuary. You will feel it as soon as you arrive.

For in-person Sessions, we usually meet indoors in the MOONHUT. However, occasionally, we may spend some {or all} of our time outside if the land calls us to the Creek, the Tipi, and/or Fire.