I’m India, passionate Women’s Empowerment Mentor & Women’s Circle Facilitator. 

I support women to SLOW DOWN and reconnect with their body-wisdom, the natural world, and each other; GET REAL about who they are and what they love; and RISE UP to take inspired leadership of what really matters to them.

Along the way, we devote the merit of our discoveries to the Women’s Empowerment Movement ~ forward and back through the generations, and are gifted with the indescribable beauty of the Women’s Spaces where we gather.

I’m a Mother/Earth-worshipping hermit who stays in my pajamas till noon most days. And, I’m in a full-on love affair with homemade bread, Night, Winter, precipitation, and all things YIN

As a Celtic Harp musician, belly-dancer, writer, and avid baker & cook ~ I’ve learned that I actually need art in my life every day to stay grounded in my body and understand the turnings of life. This is one way that I take leadership of what I love: BEAUTY. 

I’m proud to be a devoted mother to the most amazing 10 year-old girl, and deeply grateful to be married to my soul mate. Together, we’re new homesteaders living our dream on 4 acres of land, surrounded by hundreds of acres of wild, wide-open prairie.

Here, we’re raising our magnificent child, 1 cat, 1 dog, 6 chickens, 4 guinea hens, 2 goats, thousands of bees, men’s and women’s communities, and many more furry, feathered, winged, and human friends to come!

Ten years ago, I experienced an unexpected, profound Women’s Empowerment Initiation. As I wrap up an entire decade of integrating this incredible event ~ I’m ready to share the treasures of my own journey into the wilderness of Womanhood, with you. 

I look forward to serving your process of becoming. 

XO ~ India